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TAFCON. 2018!

12 Inspirational Talk Sessions

From capacity building to investments via marketplaces, TAF Conference 2018 has 12 inspirational speakers with tailored content designed to cater to a huge range of different specialists.

Roundtable Sessions & Workshops

Previously, we have not had roundtable sessions. This year, we’re having some of the biggest names in the industry to host interactive small-group sessions.

Exhibitions & Startups

In the spirit of Youth Entrepreneurship, we're having startups and exhibitors come onboard each year to showcase their latest products, explore opportunities and build new partnerships.

Food & Networking

In past years, networking has been extremely fundamental to TAFCON. This year is no different, with entertainment, food and side-events all as much a part of the two-day conference itself.


In addition to providing an opportunity for networking and experience sharing, the event will address issues of importance for entrepreneurship and national development at this critical juncture in our national development. As such, we aim to address a number of policy and strategic issues. Here are a few topics we think matter.

Topics we've discussed at TAFCON:
TAFCON 2017 Delivering on the New Gambia - Rising to the Policy and Implementation Challenges by Prof. Muhammed Kah
TAFCON 2017 Resiliency and Reinvention: Managing Uncertainty - Dealing with difficult political environments by Dr. Patrick Utomi
TAFCON 2017 Addressing the capacity challenge: Building a surge now whilst planning for more long term sustainable capacity by Mr. Ousman Jammeh
TAFCON 2017 Creative Solutions - Forging inclusive partnerships for implementation: working together with the diaspora by Ms. Lucy Faye
TAFCON 2017 Investing in prosperity - Harnessing the power of the Youth for National Development by Dr. Siga Fatima Jagne
TAFCON 2017 Leaders for Social Change: Unleashing the Magic of the Youth by Mr. René Carayol
TAFCON 2017 Providing opportunities and nurturing young leaders to be job creators by Mr. Momar Mass Taal & Papa Yusupha Njie
TAFCON 2017 Voices of the youth - Gaining strength from life's hardest challenges by Abdou "Draman" Touray, Muhammed Sanyang & Mrs. Jaha Dukureh
TAFCON 2017 Transforming the New Gambia - Implementation and Accountability by Mr. Alpha Barry
TAFCON 2017 Striving for excellence and delivering quality services by Mr. Ousman Dambell
TAFCON 2017 Good entrepreneurial practice - On ethics values and behavioural change by Mr. Ousainou Ngum
TAFCON 2017 Holding our leaders accountable for youth empowerment by Hon. Fatoumatta Touma Njai
TAFCON 2017 Managing Change - Surmounting the Development Challenges in the New Gambia by Mr. Muhammed Manjang
TAFCON 2017 Socially responsible business and social enterprises by Prof. Gibril Faal
TAFCON 2017 Meeting the Housing and Infrastructure Challenge in the New Gambia by Dr. Omodele RN Jones
TAFCON 2017 Making Housing Finance Work by Mr. Lamin Jobarteh
TAFCON 2017 Dealing with Perceptions - Disability is not inability by Mrs. Anne Therese Ndong Jatta
TAFCON 2017 Changing mindsets: Towards a policy and implementation framework for people with disabilities by Mrs. Ndey Yassin Secka-Sillah
TAFCON 2017 Everyone counts - Training and business opportunities for the disabled by David Jeng, Hagie Drammeh and Sulayman Colley
TAFCON 2017 Lifelong learning: The power of Networking by Dr. Saffie Jammeh & Ms. Fatou Njie

Our speakers and participants have a lot to say. TAFCON focuses beyond the speeches, and dives into the literary works of those who have much more to offer than the little said on stage.

Books we've read:
Recommended The New Gambia
by Mr. Mustapha Njie
Mr. Mustapha Njie CEO, TAF Africa Global

Some info about Mr. Mustapha Njie here, and his book. This is dummy text, it is meant to take up space to simulate real words, otherwise knows as placeholder text.


We have come up with a lot of ideas greatly inspired and solutions imminently practical. A key benefit of this annual conference was the realization of diverse guidelines and solutions from leaders through the unparalleled networking opportunities TAFCON provides.

Here are a few ideas:
Creating an environment where different industries and organizations (real estate, finance, hospitality, government, youth groups, NGO's, and community activists) can come together to share information, and exchange ideas on how to move the country forward. In this regard, dynamic leaders from diverse backgrounds will be invited to give motivational speeches on select topics/themes with the goal to inspire all the attendees and provoke innovative thoughts/ideas.
Give a platform to the youth, physically disabled, and the forgotten/disenfranchised members of our society to engage them by giving them a voice and a hand to play a role in the "New Gambia".
Use the event (TAFCON) to market the new projects TAF Africa Global is launching over the next years.
Serve as a soft launch of the TAF Africa Global Foundation including its goals and objectives.
Inspiring the Gambian youth so that they can be motivated to bring about change in the New Gambia, and be the leaders for the future. Therefore, getting youth to be engaged and empowered to play their role in national development through entrepreneurship is imperative.
Creating the enabling environment for effective youth participation in entrepreneurship. One way is to get Government partner with the Gambian private sector to deliver on this development priority.
Taking concrete action is urgently needed. The capacity for such change and implementation exists in The Gambia. Surge capacity could be built to respond to the acute challenges whilst focusing on long term capacity building.
The youth would like to play a key role in national development. This will, to a large extent, depend on constructive engagement between the youth, Government and other stakeholder groups. The next steps we are looking at is what it would take for this to happen and how this can be launched in the New Gambia.
Dealing with Perceptions, especially as it relates to people with disabilities. Providing concrete support and putting in place operational measures to ensure that people with disabilities are not disadvantaged in any way.
Work on skills and capacities for making entrepreneurship work in the New Gambia. The youth should spearhead this drive by changing addressing issues of leadership, values and ethics and work culture amongst the youth.


TAFCON. 2017 (3rd Edition) Focused on
  • Creating environment for industries to share and exchange ideas and information
  • Giving a platform for youth entrepreneurship and national development
  • Dealing with perceptions relating to people with disabilities
Conference Details
TAFCON. 2016 (2nd Edition) Focused on
  • Market projects of TAF Africa Global
  • Bringing government officials and business leaders together
  • Encourage and promote SMSE businesses in The Gambia
Conference Details
TAFCON. 2015 (1st Edition) Focused on
  • Primarily networking
  • Getting to know businesses and people behind them
  • Working on a roadmap for a new Gambia
Conference Details

TAFCON 2017 was a massive success!

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