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Catching up with past conferences

TAFCON is hosted in The Gambia annually, as part of TAF Africa Global's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy. The first edition was launched 3 years ago (December 2015). This has continued to date, focusing on issues of opportunity, policy shaping and decision making. We have made significant progress over the years, working closely with government officials, business leaders, Gambians from the diaspora and other influential groups/members of society from The Gambia and the sub-region.

TAFCON. 2018 (4th Edition) Focused on
  • a. Provide a platform for different stakeholders such as government officials, youth groups, NGO’s, the private sector, entrepreneurs and community activists who can come together to network and share experiences.....
  • and also exchange ideas on how to effectively contribute to the implementation of the national development plan.
  • b. Inspire the youth, the physically disabled, and other vulnerable groups, and give them a platform to engage & play a role in the Gambia, whilst at the same time exposing them to opportunities for career growth/development through a job fair.
Conference Details
TAFCON. 2017 (3rd Edition) Focused on
  • a. Create an environment where different industries and organizations (real estate, finance, hospitality, government, youth groups, NGO's, and community activists can come together to share information, and exchange ideas....
  • on how to move the country forward. In this regard, dynamic leaders from diverse backgrounds will be invited to give motivational speeches....
  • on select topics/themes with the goal to inspire all the attendees and provoke innovative thoughts/ideas.
Conference Details
3 Conferences
1500 Participants
12 Speakers
24 Sessions


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Great speakers of pure inspiration!

Imagine. Innovate. Iterate. Since 2015, TAFCON has been an unmissable conference which drives business, youth and innovation. We always work towards engineering the perfect networking environment and this has resulted in elevated keynotes from interesting and inspirational speakers. Each year, we wish to have a bigger and better conference with the right people who will help in raising the bar for developmental challenges, business, politics and youth development. We hope this will help us innovation once again, and give us a new feel of how to support The Gambia and other communities at large.

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